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Apr. 12th, 2006 | 07:32 pm
mood: lazylazy
music: BRIGHT EYES // Lover I Don't Have To Love

Poughkeepsie wasn't all
it was cracked up to be
but we made it work.
We went to a dance club and 
then to a party with Dubie
Peck which was surprisingly fun.
I thought Marist was very
nice too, but I really dind't feel
like I fit in well. Maybe it
was just because I was only there 
for the weekend, or maybe it
was just becuase the people 
didnt like me, or we just didn't
have things in common. Who knows?
but either way it was still fun..and
nice to get out of old forge.
PLUS -- being in Poughkeepsie &
sleeping on the streets with people 
poking me with no food, and no blankets
would be better than
being in Old Forge RIGHT NOW.
its so beat. THANK god its my last
spring break like this. yay I get to go 
to Albany // The Boonies with anne
&&& mini- Niffy. Should be interesting.

I can't fucking wait until June 23rd.

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