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Apr. 2nd, 2006 | 01:01 am
mood: refreshedrefreshed
music: Mary Without Sound // Motion City Soundtrack

My life lately has been pretty eventful.
I've been expanding my horizons.
I've been meeting a lot of new people
and becoming good friends with people
that i actually used to hate.
I am pretty sure I understand exactly what
senioritis is now. I go to school so that I can do nothing.
Even with only 2 study halls a day I feel like im just wasting
everything away. But even though the weekdays
kill me, the weekends seem to be getting better
and better. The weather is clearing up too
which is a very good thing. 
Just yesterday it was about 70 degrees and beautiful out.
The sky was blue all day with a nice sunshine and last night
there were no stars, but it was about as nice as it could have
been without them. It rained today but i love the rain 
so i really can't complain. Spring is definately here
and it is lifting my spirits just as much as it does
every year when it comes. Winter was nice, but its time for a change.
June 23rd is coming and its coming fast.
at first I was a little unsure if i was ready
but the closer I get, the more anxious I get.
I kind of feel like I've been waiting for that day
forever. Which, really I have, but I didn't really realize it until now.
Its funny how those things happen. 

© the rain...

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