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Jan. 16th, 2006 | 07:57 pm
mood: creative
music: Riding In Cars With Boys on TV

Ok so how about I had such an amazing weekend.

I went to herkimer for the night to visit jenn for her birthday. I had soo much fun. Dancing on the stoop to imaginary music at 3 A.M. and talking about how stupid guys are. We attended a family birthday party and got to meet her GramGram and aunts and stuff and watched movies and hung out. "Ya wanna AAHHHM wrastle? If ya win, I'll let you cut my hayuh." haha crazy crab guy was sooo weird/ funny. Too bad Prick kicked him out. He was the life of the party, sadly. It was soo fun, and its always great to be at the browns house. Of course i got to see danny boy which was good. I love the brown family and their house and mostly their hot daughter, Jennifer L Brown.

Basically, I slept in and sat around all day. Then Nacho, Jill and Heather came over and we basically talked about all of the people who make our lives so miserable. It was really nice just to sit around for a night, and not do anyhthing too active, especially after our kinda late night, the night before at jenn's. We also called Justin and Alex and pranked them with the sound boards on ebaumsworld.com. Alex wasn't that great, but Justin was sooooo sooo funny. "I know that...That's from Tommy Boy!!..Please don't ruin the movie for me, please." haha justin is such a cutie i love that kid.

We made a trip to Utica/Verona for the entire day which was i guess the highlight of the weekend. We went to Utica to old navy, then to Veronaish to try to surprise John by going to his house. It ended up that we wasted like an entire tank of gas tryhing to find his house, and ending up on the opposite end of Germany Road, stopped for directions twice, and finally gave up and had to ask john how to get there. We went out to eat at Denny's in Oneida, and then went over to the Casino, for mine, and the girls' first time. it was sooo funny because john is the only one that gambled and we had no idea what was going on. Ana Maria was so scared that we were going to get caught that every time a security person came near us, she would say "lets go" and we would like walk away from them. Then we tried going back to Utica from Verona which took about an hour and a half because we got lost. Not a bad lost, a good lost. It was so much fun and we went to Wal*mart. I bought a whole bunch of stuff. Then we went home and watched a movie at jills and watched her big fish eat her little fish. Also, in Verona I bought my first legal drugs which was fun.

We made BANANA PANCAKES!! woo woo. I lvoe banana pancakes, did I ever tell you that? We basically sat around all day again, and made food, went to the store...did a bunch of fun stuff. Then we made food, and did mine and Anne's hair. that was basically the entire day, in a nutshell. I hope next weekend is as fun as this weekend was, or i just might start cutting myself again.


Friends help you move. REAL friends help you move BODIES!! muah h aha
^stole that one from Jenny B.

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